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Steve Johnson

"My Name is Stephen Johnson, I am a dance teacher, Youth Worker, and Arts Practitioner. I teach many dance styles including Breakdance, Street dance and Hip-Hop dance. I have been dancing and teaching for over 25 years, and I have worked with many schools, colleges/universities and community groups. I trained at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds UK, studying Contemporary, Jazz and Classical dance styles. I have been involved in many dance and Theatre/Drama productions as a performer and choreographer since this time. I have also worked full time as a Youth Worker and Youth Arts Practitioner. I find that the arts are an effective method of engaging people and encouraging their inner creativity. Working with Drums for Peace on European youth exchanges, has shown me that The Arts can transcend language and cultural barriers between different people. I have been working for Drums for Peace since 2001, I have been a workshop leader in well over 50 projects and youth exchanges".

Drums for Peace related projects:

Workshop leader at DfP Projects:
2001, Youth Exchange in Monlucon, France
2002, Youth exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark;
2003, Youth exchange in Estonia;
2003, "Action Street Art" program in Grena, Denmark;
2003, "Together" in Vordingborg, Denmark;
2004, "Sol e Arte- Arts and Dreams” in Portugal;
2004, "Action Street Art" exchange in Grena, Denmark;
2005, "United" project in Estonia;
2005, "Action Street Art" exchange in Grena, Denmark;
2005, "Amitie" exchange in France;
2005, "Communication" exchange in Denmark;
2006, “Venskab” in Denmark;
2006, “United 2” in Estonia;
2006, "Action Street Art" in Grene, Denmark;
2008, "TERE 2008" in Estonia;
2008, "ACTION STREET ART" in Grena, Denmark;
2009, "TERE 2009" in Estonia;
2009, "ACTION STREET ART 2008" in Grena, Denmark;
2010, "Vibes", Kultur Klash Arts Festival, Nokoebing, Denmark;
2011, "Bridges" in Nykoebing, Denmark;
2011, "Vibes" in Nykoebing, Denmark;
2012, "ACTION STREET ART" in Grenna, Denmark;
2012, "Vibes" in Nykøbing F, Denmark;
2012, "MOJN" in Knivsbjerg, Denmark;
2013, "TOBE" in Oltenita, Romania;
2013, "Youth4Com" in Stubbekoebing, Denmark;
2014, "Culture Ship" in Sonderborg, Denmark;
2014, "Youth4Com" in Stubbekoebing, Denmark;
2010-2015, "Kulture Klash Festival", Nykobing, Denmark – Street dance Workshop;
2016, "Youth4Com" in Stubbekoebing, DK;
2016, "Friendship and Social Media" in Skelleftea, Sweden;

Project leader:
2015, "E-POSS" in Liepaja, LV;

About the workshop(s):

"I teach many dance styles including Breakdance, Street dance and Hip-Hop dance. I work with all ages of people, from 7yrs old to 70".

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