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Francisco "Pako" Almeida

Pako is a Portuguese artistic director/creator and choreographer who has broad experience which he has gained by being involved in many workshops, classes, small shows, intercultural exchnages and many other projects of which quite a lot took place in different countries. His work mainly deals with youth sector. Part of Pako's wide experience has been gained by working as workshop leader at "Drums for Peace" association (for more than 14 years), dance teacher "Razoes do corpo" (for more than 14 years as well), artistic director, choreographer and dance teacher at "Soul Kool" (16 and a half years), dance teacher at "CAOS" (2006-present) and others. Click on CV to find out more about Pako's professional experience and other skills.

Drums for Peace related projects:

Workshop leader at youth exchanges:
2011, Vibes in Nykøbing F, Denamrk;
2012, Vibes in Nykøbing F, Denmark;
2012, MOJN in Knivsbjerg, Denmark;
2013, Vibes in Nykøbing F, Denmark;
2013, MOJN in Knivsbjerg, Denmark;
2013, "Sol e Arte" in Guimaraes, Portugal;
2013, Bridges in Nykøbing F, Denmark;
2014, Bridges in Nykøbing F, Denmark;
2014, "Cultures on the Road" in Gandellino, Italy;
2014, "Vagalume" in Cinisello Balsamo, Italy;
2014, "Northern Summer Light", in Örnsköldsvik;

Training courses and meetings within DfP:
2014, DfP annual meeting in Nykøbing F, Denmark;

Also, click on this LINK to see a short movie taken during Pako's work.

About the workshop(s):

Global dance:
"Hello there, my workshop is based on urban dances styles where I combine of dance like hip-hop, dancehall street jazz to help participants achieve their maximum potential. This is a workshop for all levels and you don't need to be advanced to be part. I don't have number of participants and it all depends on the space we will have for the workshops.", (PAKO).

Contact information:

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