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Gunita Biskapa

Gunita Biskapa comes from Latvia, Liepaja. She is a circus and improvisation enthusiast. Gunita has a master degree in business management, but her hobby is circus. She is a member of Liepaja`s traveling circus "Beztemata" since 2002. "Beztemata" is taking part in more than 100 events per year - birthday parties, weddings, city festivals, companies and individual parties and more, and more, and more. Gunita is a mime, a clown, a live sculpture, a little bit of acrobat and she juggles with fire. "When I was a participant in my first youth exchange in 2011, I already understood the taste of this game. Such a different kind of experience, feelings, emotions and hard work in one week... Amazing!" This personal experience is a reason why she likes to give her knowledge to other participants.
Drums for Peace related projects:

Workshop leader at youth exchanges:
2011, "Cirkus NYXUS", Nykoebing F, Denmark - participant, assistant trainer;
2012, "Cirque", Sakskoebing, Denmark - participant, group leader;
2012, "Contemporary circus", Nykoebing F, Denmark - participant, group leader;
2013, "MOWL", Liepaja, Latvia - workshop leader;
2014, "MOWL", Liepaja, Latvia - workshop leader;
2014, "International dimension", Nykoebing F, Denmark - participant;
2015, "Exchanges for All", Liepaja, Latvia - workshop leader;
2015, "Erasmus+ Youth Exchange", Reda, Poland - workshop leader;
2016, "Learning Together", Nykoebing F, DK;

Training courses and meetings:
2013, “Cool Jam" in Sammalniemi, Finland - participant, group leader;

About the workshop(s):

Circus workshop includes improvisation, acrobatics, gymnastics, and contemporary juggling. This is a workshop for all levels and you don't need to be advanced to take a part in circus. "We always play a lot of games, to build trust and to get to know each other. Only when we feel like one group, we start to make human pyramids. All together we are going through creative creation process. This is improvisation, on the beginning we never know what will be in the end."

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