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Gill Dowsett


Gill is the co-founder of Theatr Fforwm Cymru which has been running since 1993.
She has stepped back from being the Director of the organisation to focus in delivery of work and particularly training.
Gill delivered forum theatre training for the Arttrain ECU-NET project over a 2 year period. Training many of those still involved with Drums 4 Peace.
Since those early days Gill has continued to deliver Theatre of the Oppressed training throughout Europe both for Arttrain and other European organisations and partners.
Gill also worked on a number of Youth Exchanges – particularly for Youth Agora events where legislative theatre was the focus.

Drums for Peace related projects:

Workshop leader at youth exchange:
2006, "AGORA" in Stackpole, Wales, UK;

Training courses and meetings:
2002-2003, ECU Net - Forum Theatre training-course in BG, RO, MK, PT & UK;
2004, Forum Theatre 1 - training-course in Lithuania;
2004, Forum Theatre 2 - training-course in Estonia;
2005, Forum Theatre - training-course in Leeds, UK;
2006, Forum Theatre - training-course in Wales, UK;
2007, Forum Theatre - training-course in Scotland, UK;
2010, Democracy-project "Making a Difference" in Denmark;
2012, CreatLearn - Forum Theatre with students in Guldborgsund, Denmark;
2012, CreatLearn - Forum theatre teacher-training in Guldborgsund, Denmark;
2013, CreatLearn - Forum theatre teacher-training in Guldborgsund, Denmark;

About the workshop(s):

The training focuses on using theatre/drama techniques for developing emotional literacy and resilience and is sometimes described as education for understanding or Insight Education. Key words for her training are Theatre of the Oppressed, mindfulness, neuroscience, compassion, positive psychology, circle work, relationships.


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