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Didier Pajot

Didier Pajot is a Graduate State Teacher (French State Diploma of Folk Music) and since 99, Graduate Teacher of the International School of Drumming “Tam Tam Mandingue” (literally "Drum of the Mandingo") founded by Mamady KEITA. Besides, he has been teaching courses and workshops for numerous years in France, Europe and Latin America. 

Drums for Peace related projects:

Didier has started his work within Drums for Peace network as a workshop leader and he has since 1998 been involved in over 60 projects and youth exchanges, as follows:

Workshop leader at youth exchanges:
2001, "Come Together" in Montluçon, France;
2001, "Sharing" in Copenhagen, Denmark;
2002, “Trommer for Fred” in Copenhagen, Denmark;
2003, "Together" in Vordingborg, Denmark;
2003, "Sol e Arte” in Porto, Portugal;
2003, "Connected" in Montluçon,  France;
2004, “Joy” in Vordingbord, Denmark;
2005, “Sol&Arte” in V.N.Gaia, Portugal;
2005, "Communication" in Copenhagen, Denmark;
2005, "Friendship” in Copenhagen Denmark;
2005, “Sol&Arte” in V.N.Gaia, Portugal;
2005, “Amitié” in Montluçon, France;
2006, “Bridges” in Vordingborg, Denmark;
2007, “Saint-Lys Fr- Mix'Art" in France;
2007, "Connection" in Arnside, England;
2007, “Global Sounds” in Copenhagen, Denmark;
2007, “HOPE” in Vordingborg, Denmark;
2008, "Heart-Beat" in Vordingborg, Denmark;
2008, "MOJN" in Sonderborg, Denmark;
2008, “BRIDGES" in Vordingborg, Denmark;
2008, "TERE" in Karksi-Nuia, Estonia;
2009, “Heart-Beat” in Vordingborg, Denmark;
2009, “MOJN” in Sonderborg, Denmark;
2009, “Sol e Arte” in V.N.Gaia, Portugal;
2009, “VIBES” in Nykoebing F, Denmark;
2009, “L'Arte Macchiato” in Piacenza, Italy;
2009, “BRIDGES” in Vordingborg, Denmark;
2009, “TERE 2” in Estonia;
2010, “Bridges” in Vordingborg, Denmark;
2010, “VIBES” in Nykoebing F, Denmark;
2010, "MOJN" in Sonderborg, Denmark;
2010, “L'Arte Macchiato” in Milan, Italy;
2011, “Sol e Arte 2011" in Lamego, Portugal;
2011, "L'Arte Macchiato" in Italy;
2012, "Action Street Art 2012" in Grenaa, Denmark;
2013, "Youth4com” in Stubbekøbing, Denmark;
2013, “Sol&Arte in Guimarães, Portugal;
2014, "Cultures on the Road", in Gandellino, Italy;
2015, "Multilateral youth exchange, in Nykoebing, Denmark;

Training courses and meetings:
1998 – 1999, MJC in Montluçon, France;
2001, "Heart Beat" in Soroe, Denmark;
2001, "Diwyll Tant" in Wales, UK;
2001, "Culture Bridge" in Copenhagen, Denmark;
2002, "Co-Operation" in Moncão, Portugal;
2004, “O Law I Law” in Wales, UK;
2005, Networking meeting in Mustamae, Estonia;
2005, "Hand in Hand" in Grena, Denmark;
2006, “Close2thearts” in Milan, Italy;
2008, “RHYTHM” in Vordingborg, Denmark;
2008, “Owol”, Grundtvig project in Portugal and France;
2010, "SeminarARTs" in Milan, Italy;
2010, "Song João" in Porto, Portugal;
2010, "IN-CAP" in Nykoebing F, Denmark;
2011, DfP-Meeting & Planning- Meeting for G2-Project in Porto, Portugal;
2011, “Moments, Places - Journeys”-Grundtvig poject in Vienne, Austria;
2011, “Moments, Places - Journeys”-Grundtvig final evaluation in Montluçon, France;
2012, Drums for Peace annual-meeting in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden;
2012, Planning meeting for "New Life to Traditional Stories" in Cinisello Balsamo, Italy;
2013, “New Life to Traditional Stories” Grundtvig project in Codlea, Romania;
2013, Board & HAlf-Way Grundtvig Meeting “New Life to Traditional Stories“ in Copenhagen, Denmark;
2014, "Sustainable Future" in Nykowbing, Denmark;

About the workshop(s):

He is a drum player, especially aware of African music and his training and his work have always been connected with dance.

Contact information:

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