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Daniela Ruxandra Stoian

Daniela is a Romanian visual artist born in 1988, currently based in Copenhagen. She works with different mixed media like painting, photography, video and animation.
Education: 2D Animation – National High School of Art, Bucharest; Photography and Video Art- National Univ. of Art, Bucharest;
“I first started to make art workshops for a private kindergarten when I was 17. Later on I collaborated with “Aed Ludens” NGO in Bucharest, making photography workshops in schools and educational camps, using photography and games as tools for the development emotional intelligence. In 2011 I started my EVS at Culthus, Nykøbing F, Denmark, sent by A.C.T.O.R.  organization, Romania.  In the following year I moved to Copenhagen and continued to collaborate with CultHus and started to participate in Drums for Peace projects.  I also organized together with local young people from Nykøbing F, an art project (Youth Initiative), based in Kulturfabrikken, Nykøbing F.”, (Daniela).

Drums for Peace related projects:

Workshop leader at DfP Projects:
2013, CONNECTED, Telavi, Georgia;
2013, Fjordskole Youth Exchange, Nykøbing F, Denmark;
2013, Cirque, Nykøbing F, Denmark;
2013, Bridges, Nykøbing F, Denmark;
2014, Bridges, Nykøbing F, Denmark;
2016, "Learning Together", Nykoebing F, DK;

Training courses and meetings within DfP:
2013, Free Jam, Finland;
2013, Stensl Kopavour, Iceland;
2013, New Life, Sakskøbing, Denmark;
2013, Training-course "Human Rights Theatre" hosted by Arttrain, Sakskoebing, Denmark.
2013, Grundtvig project “New Life to Traditional Stories” Codlea, Romania;
2013, Grundtvig Meeting “New Life to Traditional Stories“ in Copenhagen, Denmark;

About the workshop(s):

Visual Arts:
The workshop is about visual communication and expressing ideas as individuals but also as a group. It’s very important to me that the participants make their own artistic decisions, take ownership of their work, and feel good about it. We also analyze and notice the difference of each owns artistic expression, the use of lines, colors, details, especially when it involves different cultures. The workshop involves mixed media combining painting, video, animation, photography and a small performance, depending also on materials and equipment available.

Contact information:

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