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Boris Nordin

Boris Nordin is a Finish musician who between 2009-2011 studied at Joensuu Conservatory, classical music, guitar as the instrument. Also, in 2004 he graduated from Sibelius High School which is a special high school focused on music education. As private studies he did flamenco guitar, jazz guitar, Cuban percussion instruments and très guitar and singing. As regards his experience and projects, he's been teaching and doing workshop instructing in guitar, percusion and bands. To see more about his experience click on his CV.

Drums for Peace related projects:

Workshop leader at youth exchanges:
2012: "MOJN" and Richardt Nielsen Musical, Knivsberg, Denmark;
2013: "NyXus", Nykoebing, Denmark;
2015: "E-POSS" hosted by LCYC in Liepaja, LV;
2015: “Communication & Cooperation 2” in Reda, Poland;

About the workshop(s):

Afro-Cuban and Brazilian rhythms and percussion:
"The goal is to learn some basic rhythmic patterns and play them with the available percussion instruments. Each participant will choose an instrument and learn the rhythm pattern peculiar to the instrument in hand. Then experience the fun when all the different polyrhythmic patterns play together and fuse to create a whole new rhythm.
For this workshop it would be ideal to have at least some instruments on location, such as congas, djembes, or tom-toms of a drum set. I will be carrying some smaller percussion with me.
For children with some existing background with musical instruments it is possible to do a band leading workshop also, and to give instruction in guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion and singing.
For the children interested in software based beat making, I can carry with me a small “portable beat studio” and give instruction in creating beats. In this there would obviously be the possibility of interaction with the rap/hip hop/beat box workshop.
The workshop can be altered in form, depending on the group size and age of the participating children and youths, and with the time available to use with the group."
Poem and Drum:
Combining some form of theatrical or vocal expression with the percussion instruments. Finding ways to support the story, rap, poem, song with musical elements. Key point is to communicate in other but verbal terms in performance.

Contact information:

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