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Booma is a freelance DJ/Music/Dance artist. He has "been working as a freelance artist for over 15years. I work within the arts educational sector delivering workshops and projects, my aim is to inspire young people to get involved with music and dance, to explore their creativity and develop as individuals. “I started working as a freelance artist using my skills in music production, DJ skills and professional dance training as my chosen arts medium. I have found this to be an effective way of communicating and working with young people, which is both enjoyable and rewarding. In this way I can pass on my skills to other young people whom I work with, the arts is an excellent way to engage young people to express themselves creatively, often helping to build their lives in a positive, fun way."

"As a dancer I originally trained at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds UK, as a music artist/producer I released my first record in 1991 (Ability II - Pressure) which went on to achieve music chart success around the world (and has recently been re-released in Berlin) and subsequently have continued working in the music industry."

Drums for Peace related projects:

Booma has been part of DfP since 2000 as an arts practitioner delivering workshops on youth exchanges, also attended many DfP exchanges and training courses.

Workshop leader at youth exchanges:
2002, Youth exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark;
2003, Youth exchange in Estonia;
2003, "Action Street Art" program in Grena, Denmark;
2003, "Together" in Vordingborg, Denmark;
2004, "Sol e Arte- Arts and Dreams” in Portugal;
2004, "Action Street Art" exchange in Grena, Denmark;
2005, "United" project in Estonia;
2005, "Action Street Art" exchange in Grena, Denmark;
2005, "Amitie" exchange in France;
2005, "Communication" exchange in Denmark;
2006, “Venskab” in Denmark;
2006, “United 2” in Estonia;
2006, "Action Street Art" in Grene, Denmark;
2008, "TERE 2008" in Estonia;
2008, "ACTION STREET ART" in Grena, Denmark;
2009, "TERE 2009" in Estonia;
2009, "ACTION STREET ART 2008" in Grena, Denmark;
2010, "Vibes", KultureClash Arts Festival, Nokoebing, Denmark;
2010, "ACTION STREET ART" in Grenna, Denmark;
2011, "Bridges" in Nykoebing, Denmark;
2011, "Vibes" in Nykoebing, Denmark;2012, "Vibes" in Nykoebing, Denmark;
2014, "Kulture Klash Festival", Nykobing, Denmark – DJ workshops and performances, July/August;
2015, "Exchanges for All", Stubbekoebing, Denmark – DJ workshops and performances, May/June 2015;
2015, CC-1-Exchange, Sakskoebing, Denmark; dance workshops and performances;
2016, "Connected" in Sakskoebing, DK;

Training courses and meetings:
2001, France-Copenhagen-Sweden;
2001, France-Copenhagen-Sweden-Wales;
2002, Drums for Peace tour to France and Porto, Portugal;
2010, "Song Joao", creating soundtrack for DfP network in Porto, Portugal;
2010, "IN-CAP", International Communication Schools Project in Denmark;
2010, Annual Drums for Peace meeting in Nikoebing, Denmark;
2011, European Youth Culture project - Dance workshop, in Sonderborg, Denmark;
2011, "Vibes", Kulture Klash Festival; Dance and DJ workshops, dance performance “BeeBaddaBoom” in Nykobing, Denmark;

About the workshop(s):

DJ Intro – workshops sessions from beginners to advanced, elements of the workshops include:
- Introduction to DJ skills;
- Teaching the basic operation and safety of DJ equipment;
- Introduction to mixing and scratching techniques;
- Practical guidance and advice;
- Different styles of music;

DJ Advanced – For more advanced DJs, these courses are more about developing DJ skills and Techniques and taking it a step further, e.g. for pro Scratches – battling competitions, beat juggling, creating new Techniques, formations, creative mixing & beat mixing skills.

Music Technology - These sessions are designed to help develop basic music recording skills up to professional studio-recording and music production. Elements of the workshops include:
- Introduction to Computer recording, studio equipment and music software packages, how to use the equipment and software, digital or analogue choices etc.
- Creating and recording music;
- Writing and recording vocals and/or live instruments;
- Creating your own music project, produce a master CD recording of your work;
- Educational courses and career opportunities;
- Taking it further…how to go about releasing a record, introduction to the music industry, etc;

Dance Workshops - Creative and fun dance sessions/workshops/classes, learning different combinations, improving dance skills and body conditioning, choreography and routines - styles; Street dance/Hip-Hop/Break elements/Contemporary movements.

Contact information:

email - boomadance@gmail.com 

email - djbooma@yahoo.com

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